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  Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring

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Web Store

Custom Flower Essence Remedy


Are you feeling emotionally stuck or blocked by your own personality patterns?

Does your pet, child, family member, or friend have signs of being 'down and out,' depressed, anxious, fearful, aggressive, stubborn, having difficulty focusing or adjusting to a change? Flower essences can help! 

Flower essences are made from flowers and/or trees. Flower essences are not essential oils and are not fragrant to the smell. They are subtle vibrational medicine released from flower petals after a period of sun exposure in distilled water. A combination of essences helps balance your emotions. Flower essences bring forth into conscious awareness hidden blocks/core issues contributing to stress and disease and proceeds to balance them by bringing forth positive soul qualities. Blocks to wellness may occur on any level and are treated subtly and successfully with a custom-made flower essence combination.

After your purchase complete the questionnaire under the "Custom Flower Essence Remedy" tab on the website, and we will create a custom remedy specific to what you or your loved one needs. 

1 fluid ounce

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