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  Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring

Moisture/ Deep Cleansing/ Rejuvenating

Experience the deep cleansing of organic ingredients. Depending on your skin choose between moisture and problem skin (acne). You will experience deep cleansing followed by a mild enzyme peel, with a relaxing facial / neck / decollete massage. Then a facial scrub will be applied. Lastly a wonderful mask hand picked to your needs.

Hour service for $70

Mini Facial

30 minutes of relaxation. Can be done during your lunch hour. This a wonderful facial featuring green tea extracts. A great pick me up.

30 minutes $40

Revitalization facial

This is a premier facial from the Reprechage facial line. Featured around the world for its uses of organic seaweed. Consist of 4-layers. It is very revitalizing to the skin. Your skin will be exfoliated, massaged, moisturized and remineralised.

90 minutes for $125

Milk and Honey

This facial features St. John’s Wort, the cooling effect of green tea and white tea extracts to calm and sooth and balance the complexion. The scents of honey and almond are a part of this wonderful facial.

Hour for $70.