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  Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring

Relaxation Facial

60-min - relaxation facial, perfect customized facial to target problem areas in the skin. Varies by skin type.


Express Facial

30-min - express facial, perfect for skincare on the go. Customized mini facial to target specific problems in a limited time frame.


Anti-aging Facial

Customized facial targeting aging skin. Benefits include toning, tightening, and refining the appearance of large pores. Also, restores the appearance of the skin and its youthful tone and definition. 

60-minutes $85

Back Facial

Customized facial for back and shoulders. Targets problem areas and includes acne treatments if necessary. Clients enjoy adding on an aqua facial to a session for more benefits and results. 

45-mnutes $75

Aqua Facial

Our Aqua Facial exfoliation that removes blackheads, dead skin, and deeply cleanses pores through suction. Good for all skin types.

30-minutes $55

All facials include skincare and routine recommendations.