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  Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring


As both a Medical doctor and a naturopathic practitioner I am very specific and particular of the practitioners I recommend.

I have had both full body massage with hot Himalayan salt rocks and lymphatic drainage by Melissa.

Melissa is exceedingly professional and has a great quiet peaceful presence,

her knowledge and understanding of our bodies functioning as well as her ability to assess and treat specifically to the individual is one of her strong traits.

I have to further address the lymphatic drain massage. It is always amazing to me that a technique that is so light and delicate can do so much to release excess fluids trapped in our tissues, and open up passage ways to sinuses, ears, glands and even the bowel and bladder.

The health benefits of this technique cannot be overstated for all conditions involving congestion to the body.

I highly and unequivocally recommend a therapy appointment with Melissa or anyone feeling stiff, stuck or congested in their bodies. You will be genuinely impressed

I look forward to my next session!! - Sheila Gendich

I suffer from lower back pain and chronic muscle spasms..... I've had massages before but Melissa is the best she knows how to release those stubborn muscle spasms. I highly recommend Perennial Wellness for your health needs. - Kelly Hoven

Highly recommend I just received the BEST massage that I ever had and was actually the most relaxed that I have ever been during a massage. Melissa does an amazing job and she is very intuitive and found aches/pains that I wasn't aware of. The hot stones were Fab-U-lous. - Kammie Whitten

I've been struggling with severe chronic pain for the last year and going to see Melissa has helped me tremendously! I've always been able to tell that she truly cares about assisting in my pain management and the overall experience. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with chronic pain or just looking to relax. - Morgan Zimmerman

I have now experience the prenatal massage and Manual Lymph Drainage and have loved them both! Definitely would recommend to anyone!!!!

- Elizabeth Loomis

Melissa is a true professional. The atmosphere was relaxing from the decorations to the music. When I came in for my massage I could hardly move, my back was so tight. She did wonders in an hour's time and I left feeling so much better. Thank you Melissa! - Scott Hoskins

The massages given here are the best I've ever had. They are thorough and always address specific areas of concern. I highly recommend Perennial Wellness, whether you want to relax or need to have certain areas addressed, or need a lymph drainage. - James Tanis

Melissa gave me a hot rock massage that has helped me to sleep without my hands going numb. I can't wait to go back! Professional, personal, perfect!! - Ann Williams

Thank you, Melissa, for the perfect massage! The essential oils, hot stones, and hot towels felt wonderful. It was the most relaxing massage I have ever had and my spirit, mind, and body thank you! - Valerie Dawdy